Sweet times, blessed times, hard times, breath and tears, laughter and love.

I am grateful for a year full of the biggest gifts and the hardest struggles, the most powerful transformations and the most humbling suffering… I am so grateful for a year of traveling and revelation, learning and growing next to my beloved, creating art and healing my life through expression.
This year, my travels have brought me to Ivory Coast, Knoxville, Atlanta, Nashville, Charleston, Denver, Seattle, Victoria B.C., Savannah, Columbus… not all for shows, but most of them with Jason. I want to share my immense gratitude for him, for his help and strength and patience to be with me, for me, at all of my shows, even though it isn’t his favorite thing, even though he is an introvert, he goes for me, with me. I’m so grateful and happy, especially when we have extra time to chill and experience the place we have journeyed to.
Traveling teaches. Journeying opens. Traveling lifts and strengthens. It gives space and time to what has become normal or habitual. It offers new perspective and opportunity, inspiration and motivation. Thank you for journeying with me.

I am grateful for all of the learning and expanding, the depth of new perspective and honor for me and my divinity, my innocence, and my responsibility to carry integrity and humility, to be honest and passionate, to be at peace with my community and my world. To continue learning how to love, more than I’ve ever loved before, knowing that it’s more needed now than ever.
The layers of my healing continue, emotional unveiling, releasing of beliefs and limitations, I choose the path through this transitioning time.
Birth is not always easy. It doesn’t always come quickly, without pain, without patience. The newborn is difficulty pushed through a small opening, after a long time of growing stronger in the safety and care of its mother, shocked into awakening, awakened to a new world, outside of its mothers body. The mother endures her own hurt and transition as well, revealing birth doesn’t come without a sacrifice.
The earth is transitioning right now. Systems are failing that we’ve trusted in for many years, the environment is at stake, the weather is chaotic, catastrophe has become everyday occurrence. The old stories of humanity are falling in many ways, and we are being forced to re-evaluate our reality, our courage, our love. Optimistic vision can be a challenge. Yet a birth we will endure before we can grow up, beyond the limitations and illusions of human conflict, human divisiveness and confusion.
And yet, vision is all we’ve got. Belief is our truth. We create our reality through our mental, emotional, and spiritual states. We are not separate.
My healing has brought me to observe and nurture the layers of my emotions and experiences, to practice compassion with myself for any judgement or criticism, and to recognize my bountiful worth and inseparable connection to all that is. I offer myself chance and chance again to forgive, to accept the layers of emotion, to breathe and remember the truth of my essence, in the stars.