Tribal Triangles


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Allow these mystical earrings to aid you in connecting further with your genuine nature, granting wisdom through the directional power of the crystals. Designed with the careful craftsmanship of fusing and soldering, these earrings showcase the luminous and healing vibes within your life. These earrings, approximately 2 and a half inches long, are beautifully highlighted by quartz crystals and coated with a lacquer finish.

Because of its balancing properties, quartz is great for creating harmony and stability in ones surroundings and can aid in fostering healthy romantic partnerships. Many claim that it heightens the power of healing energy and can also enhance both mental and physical stamina, strength, and energy levels.

Each piece of jewelry is crafted by hand and could differ slightly from the pictures. For an identical match to the featured piece, inform me upon ordering and allot extra time for crafting.

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