Crescent Moon Deer Antler Tip



A striking piece adorned with a genuine deer antler tip that is truly one-of-a-kind. Antlers may also convey traits such as fortitude, perseverance, watchfulness, and security. The yearly cycle of antler shedding and regrowth symbolizes the opportunity for personal renewal and self-transformation, encouraging us to let go of stagnant patterns in order to bloom into our true potential.

The artwork is merged together seamlessly using multiple techniques – soldering pieces together and joining them with rivets to create something entirely unique. After that it gets brushed and then coated with lacquer to give it durability. It also includes a chain that is approximately 17 inches long.

Each piece of jewelry is crafted by hand and could differ slightly from the pictures. If you require your piece to mirror the one in the image, please give advance notice when ordering and anticipate a delay in production.

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