Antler Cage



Experience the profound power of deer medicine with this exquisite Talisman piece. The deer totem embodies the message of “gentleness”, teaching us to touch the hearts and minds of wounded souls with kindness and compassion. Rather than trying to force change upon others, we learn to love them just as they are.

Through the deer totem, we discover the strength to face our internal demons with love and self-acceptance. As we cultivate love and compassion for ourselves and others, our fears and doubts simply melt away. Fear cannot coexist with the gentle power of love.

Crafted from the finest materials, this pendant piece measures approximately 6 inches in length, with a chain of approximately 15 inches. For added versatility, chain extensions are available, extending up to 25 inches. Made from Argentium silver, sterling silver, and deer antler, this Talisman piece is a true work of art.

Please note that all of our jewelry is handmade and may vary slightly from the photos. If you require your piece to look exactly like the one pictured, please let us know when you place your order and allow extra time for crafting. Thank you for choosing our Talisman piece to embody the power of deer medicine in your life.