I want to sit down and write for just a bit. Not to you, or at you, but perhaps with you, if you’ll let me.

As I sit here, doing my very best to be present and breathe, flow with the many layers of emotions that are coming through me, and soften to them, I recognize the deep yearning to be free. And the passion to request, permit, or offer freedom for all of you.

I recognize the layers of anxiety, the layers of joy, the layers of gratitude, the layers of physical pain and anger sometimes, frustration at working so hard in this life to be more, to feel good, to contribute, and to know without a doubt, my aligned purpose with joy and well-being. It can be intense at times. Life throws us financial burdens, technological confusion, speeding up of time, politics, family, community, taking care of self and relationship, career, health, and somewhere in there, hopefully exercise, nature, healthy moments of connection and healing. The list goes on and on. I’ve certainly known my share of embarrassing moments of overwhelm, with tears in my eyes, just trying to find somewhere private, where it is okay, if I just let it all go and cry. It can hard to remember sometimes that I am an aspect of the creator, that I, too, am divine and perfect, and that I don’t need to worry and fear the intensity of life.

I don’t naturally wonder, in those moments, if anyone else ever feels this way. But today, I did.

I realized, of course other people feel this way. We are all human. We all strive for love, acceptance, contribution, freedom. I am no vastly different from anyone else in this way; I breathe, I drink water, I eat, I laugh, I struggle, I feel, I emote. And there?s nothing wrong with any of it.

We live in a society where we are taught, from a very young age, that we must fit into these certain standards of living, of rules and boundaries to follow, in order to be accepted. It is not only impossible to live up to these standards of perfection within our society, it is imprisoning, dis-empowering, and controlling. Now, there is of course the rabbit hole of discussion around what would happen if we just simply dissolved those rules, standards, and boundaries of society? What would happen to our society as we know it?

I don’t want to offer a concrete answer here, but more of an inquiry into this thought?

There are many societies that do not live as we do here in the west. They live in close relation with the earth, in small groups, highly skilled in specific trades that keep them alive, healthy, and thriving. These groups often carry a delicate respect for one another AND the earth, and probably not without some cost to their freedom. Yet, I frequently wonder if these people feel trapped, as I do sometimes? It doesn’t appear so from the outside looking in. In further exploration, there are groups of people within this society, experimenting with new ways of social living, new ways of relating with other human beings, in loving awareness of self, other, and earth. And again, it seems these communities find it necessary to have some sort of boundaries, guidelines, and rules. Are they more aligned with freedom? Can they be?

I can’t necessarily offer any sound truth beyond what you feel in your heart, what you potentially feel, hidden under the layers. But, I invite a state of gracious awe, in curious exploration of our opportunities as conscious beings on this planet, in reaching a deep presence of connection and relation with each and every being on this planet, a deep presence of gratitude, knowing that we are all the same, yet so vastly and uniquely different. Our uniqueness is what makes us beyond valuable and critical for the expansion of life and health during this time of great transition. We all have a purpose, whether that purpose is simply to breath in peace every moment of everyday, or to be the president of the United States.

I write this in hope that it can be a reminder for myself when I am in darkness, in hope that perhaps it can reach others that could use a reminder of their perfection, of their innate divinity. May you have the permission from this world, from yourself and your past, and from me, to be free, to be divine, to shine and love like all life depends on it. May the fortitude of belonging embrace you like the warm sun embraces your body and spirit. May WE come swiftly and softly back to knowing without any hesitation or loss that we are a part of this and can never be separate, for we are stardust, we are eternal. May WE rest in true freedom of knowing this grace so fully that we suffer no doubt, no worry, no fear, but that we are free to shine with the sun of unconditional love.

Much love and blessings to you and yours

I want to think again of dangerous and noble things. I want to be light and frolicsome. I want to be improbable beautiful and afraid of nothing, as though I had wings. ~ Mary Oliver