noun: entelechy
the realization of potential.
the supposed vital principle that guides the development and functioning of an organism or other system or organization.
plural noun: entelechies
the soul.

How much can we see of ourselves? Can we choose to unveil the wounds of our hearts to heal them completely? To delve deep into the pain of our demons to befriend and integrate them into our wholeness? To be courageous and authentic and show up for ourselves?
To go all the way through, to be birthed again?
Or do we hide behind the facade of a picture and ego identity? Attempting to fit ourselves into a pretty, little box, a pleasing picture of goodness and perfection, safety and protection? Do we project stories and manipulations onto the world and others because we refuse to see ourselves? Is it that we have so little security in ourselves
that we believe we are separate and more or less than anything or anyone else?
Do we believe that revelation of our wounds would make us unworthy?

This fire is beyond our control.
Because soul goes beyond me. It goes beyond you.
It holds witness to the greatest depths of the universal experience, in the realm of possibility, in the realm of observation and awe…

We cannot be unworthy. It is simply not possible.
The journey to acceptance can be more challenging than ignorance or choice to not see our truth. Our truth is not always pretty.
Sometimes it is a lonely, hurt child that wants love so much that they manipulate others to get love or control… perhaps not even knowing what they are doing. Sometimes it is a blind rage that lashes out and breaks glass, perhaps without the intention of hurting. Sometimes it is a quiet, shut down story of fear and restriction, limiting the freedom of expression and love, perhaps without the knowing of hurting ones own self…
Sometimes I don’t know the way through to acceptance. And I relinquish.
I seek love. I am broken open and blind, and I am burdened with the blight of humanity, the gift of humanity.
And yet I love. I live out the hell of anger and the deep waves of hurt, the fevers of fiery shame and embarrassment…
I walk through.
I cry and I love.
The waves of emotional experience go beyond the layers of this dimension, and they are here to bring us beyond attachment to any illusion or wounding story. We don’t have to experience these things only with our minds, we can allow this acceptance through the awakening of our bodies, awakening to the illusion of separation. The emotional realm is not separate from the body or the spirit. The process of freeing and awakening layers within the physical dimension of our body can release centuries of generational wounding, by allowing the body to speak through movement.

So, where is the line of discernment? Where is the radical revelation of our own wounding, the transformation into compassion for self? Where is the physical stalking of these blocks to transform into freedom and love? Where is the embrace of this process, the knowing that this process, itself, is life? Where is the undeniable connection we have with our bodies and minds as one, without the illusion of separation, the awakening of the stagnant, rough or stale parts, that yearn for our attention? These are the same emotional demons that we hid away in the closet when we were young because they were not acceptable, they threatened our sense of safety somehow and promised us hurt, so we pushed them away. Yet, without the embrace of our darkest demons, we are incomplete, we are denying ourselves wholeness, we are denying ourselves love, nourishment, renewal, completion.
If we deny these parts of ourselves, how can we expect another to accept them? We seek love, yet if we hide in fear of lack, fear of unworthiness, fear of abandon, and claim that we are perfect for our egos security we are limiting our experiences of love. If we hide in this darkness, we are living incomplete, we are limiting our own potential for love and light, limiting our opportunities for transformation.

Denial, ignorance, rejection, abandon, judgement, none of these are love. We deserve love. We deserve to give ourselves love in this way, to dredge it out of the mud, to use alchemy to transform the demons into lovers, into angels and guides, who can serve us and humanity, who can become lost in the flow of divine experience.

No one is better or worse. No human lives without wounds and suffering. No human goes untouched by fear or embarrassment of our behavior or reactions through stories and ignorance. I am here with you, in the darkest layers of my demons and in the brightest light of my star children…
We are all waking up together. We are all here together. The raw beauty of vulnerability is what strengthens our hearts in truth… the naked authenticity of our wounds and our divine will towards healing and wholeness is what brings our lives into alignment. The love that has been dredged from the depths of darkness is what feeds our hearts so fully, like the rotten foods that compost the soil with rich nutrients and minerals.

Sometimes, the best way to be a healer for others is to heal oneself. We all want to serve in some way in our lives, to be human is to want to contribute to the well being of all, to live out our highest potential. I share that desire and need. And I see that the clarity of living with whole connection to love and joy is far more powerful for all than doing anything to help heal others. So perhaps, think deeply about your intentions behind your contributions to humanity… where is your motivation, what is your truest potential? We have power by simply breathing and transforming our own fear of the demons within our hearts, walking all the way through the darkness and into transmutation, making friends of our foes… for the breaking of dawn is on the other side.
We don’t need to let our fear control us, we don’t need to be afraid of our power.
May we be led by our will and desire towards growth, in order to fully realize the range of our potential, with no separation from infinity. When we are clear, we are powerful and love naturally, and we become in flow with the breathing of the universe.

IN LAK’ECH: You are my other self.