A Return to the Ancient Ways

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Tribal. Industrial. Ethnic. Rustic. A collection of mixed metal jewelry featuring earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and buckles. Influenced through ancient world cultures and the natural ways of life on our planet.

Blacksmith Art

Sculptural hand forged steel. Ironworks through the ancient tradition of blacksmithing. Forged and fabricated custom designs, furniture, signage, tools, architectural components, and sculptural art.


Original passion. Soulful art. Connection to creation and spirit. Expression of the heart. Sculptural forms in mixed metals of steel, brass, copper, bronze and silver through a variety of skills and techniques.

African Collection

Soul of joy and human connection. This passionate collection is inspired by the art and culture of Africa and its people. Bring the heart of Africa into your life through these expressive amulets and allow them to feed your spirit and guide your soul.

Created using advanced techniques of fusing, soldering, forging, fabricating, texturing, and riveting with mixed metals and organic materials.

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Burlesque Collection

Laughter and drama of our expressive past. This extravagant line is inspired by the light hilarity and merriment of the human spirit. Bring the play, delight, and exaggeration of our Victorian past into your life to amplify the caricature of your inner essence.

Constructed using progressive techniques of fusing, soldering, fabricating, and riveting with mixed metals.

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Cosmos Collection

Beauty and awe of the boundless sky. This revealing collection is inspired by the inherent grace and opening above us. Carry the expansion of the universe with you to open your spirit, heart, and mind, to ignite the truth of your infinite essence with this celestial line.

Formed using dynamic skills of fabricating, fusing, soldering, texturing, and riveting with mixed metals.

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Ferrous Collection

Fire and power within the element of steel. This bold collection is inspired by my work in traditional blacksmithing with one of the world’s toughest materials. It is humbling to bring it to a malleable form and shape it into objects of beauty and adornment.

Made using ancient crafts of forging, twisting, drilling, and riveting using mixed metals and found objects.

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Oceanic Collection

The coming and going of the tide bringing us change. This seagoing collection carries the whimsy of the deep and the grace of the tidal flow. Embellish yourself with these nautical amulets and seafaring totems to align with your expression of depth and beauty.

Formed using modern ways of fusing, soldering, fabricating, texturing, and riveting with mixed metals.

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Tribal Collection

Ancestral and familial bonds keep us close. This extraordinary line is inspired by the culture of tribal peoples from all over the world, both ancient and living. Adorn yourself with these native totems and talismans to beautifully attune your tribal roots.

Created using masterful processes of fusing, soldering, fabricating, texturing, riveting, and forging with mixed metals, found objects, and organic materials.

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